Voting Rights

The journey’s not over.  The work hasn’t ended.  Democracy’s dream must be constantly tended.


Democracy is a year round topic! Equality’s Call can be used in many ways in the classroom, at any grade level. The following are some free resources for classroom and home use:

Equality's Call


You’re never too young to help strengthen our democracy!  Make sure the adults you know are registered to vote, and ask to go to the polls with them when they vote.  Learn more about voting, and then use your voice to speak up for voting rights.


Learn about voting rights, and then share what you know at school and in groups you’re involved with.  Help the adults in your life better understand voting rights and the barriers that exist to voter participation.  Read stories to younger kids using Equality’s Call or other picture books about voting rights.  Use your voice to advocate policy changes to politicians.


An Equality’s Call story time pairs nicely with a voter registration drive at your library or bookstore!  For a limited time, I have some Equality’s Call bookmarks for story times – contact me if you’d like some.


Teach your kids about voting rights past and present, and learn more as you explore the topic together.  And get involved!  When kids see grown-ups speaking up about voting rights, it helps prepare them to be informed and active citizens.  You are your child’s first civics teacher.


Be a voting rights ambassador and educator by holding a voting rights story time at a local school or library using Equality’s Call and/or other books about voting rights.  You are a hero to the kids in your community, so use that recognition factor to educate and inspire them!  If you’re not sure how to go about holding a story time, email me for ideas, or just stop by your local library and talk to one of the children’s librarians.  For a limited time, I have some Equality’s Call bookmarks — contact me if you’d like some to give out during your story time.

I welcome your suggestions and input about this page.  Thank you for standing up for our right to vote!