2021-22 School Visits

At this time, I’m scheduling virtual school visits for the 2021-22 school year.  My visits will focus on the nonfiction picture book Equality’s Call.  The book has curriculum connections at all elementary grade levels (see my Curriculum Connections page for more info).

I’m going to be rolling out a new approach to virtual school visits this year.  Last year, my virtual visits started off with a webinar-style screen sharing presentation about my writing process and my books, followed by a meeting-style interactive Q&A with students.  This year, I’d like to increase the interactive time, so I’ll be pre-recording the presentation portion; teachers can share that part with their students at their convenience prior to my virtual visit.  The new approach will allow me to use most of the virtual visit time for direct interaction with your class or school.

The pre-recorded portion isn’t quite ready yet (should be ready by mid-September), but you’re welcome to contact me now to schedule a time for me to meet online with your class or school.

To make an event request, see my Contact page (for contact information and event policies).

Scroll down for information about free virtual visits to schools and classrooms.

Upcoming public events:  Listed below are upcoming public events.  Be sure to confirm all event details with the host venue before attending, in case of any last-minute detail changes.

I am currently offering free virtual visits to schools and classrooms to talk about Equality’s Call: The Story of Voting Rights in America.  I also have free classroom resources available.  And I have a series of Two-Minute Author Visit videos about voting rights and student empowerment (currently available on my Twitter page and Facebook page; I’ll add a link to YouTube when I’ve posted them there).

The following short video gives an overview of what you can expect from an Equality’s Call school visit.  If you are a teacher, school librarian, or school administrator and are interested in having me speak to your students, please take a look at my event scheduling policies (see my Contact page) and then be in touch by email:  deborah [at] deborahdiesen [dot] com

The primary age range for the presentation is upper elementary, but the book can be used with students as young as PK, and has curriculum connections through high school. My presentation is adaptable to any of those grade levels.

I typically present via a webinar-style format (with the school providing the link) so that I can reach multiple classes at a single school or across a school district.  I also do classroom visits to a single class.

During my presentation, I talk about the writing process and how I came to write Equality’s Call. Then I read the book. After that, I talk about the concepts of hearing equality’s call and answering equality’s call, and how students can use those ideas to make a difference in the world we share. I also discuss some contemporary voting rights issues.  I leave time at the end of my presentation for student questions.

If you are a teacher, school librarian, or school administrator and are interested in having me speak to your students, please contact me at deborah [at] deborahdiesen [dot] com

You can also find classroom resources about voting and voting rights over on my Voting page.