Listed below are some of my upcoming events.  Be sure to confirm all event details with the host venue before attending, in case of any last-minute detail changes.


I very much enjoy participating in school visits, library story times, bookstore signings, book festivals, and other events!  I’m somewhat limited in my availability for events and have to say No to a lot of requests, but please don’t hesitate to inquire. Check out my handout on rates and book orders, and then contact me by email for further information.  Please note that my contract for events includes the following two sections:

Nondiscrimination:  The Author affirms her commitment to positive learning environments that celebrate differences, support inclusion, and prevent bullying.  The Author will not conduct herself in a manner that marginalizes or intimidates any attendee or potential attendee based on racial or cultural identity, religious belief system, political viewpoint, immigration status, ancestry, gender identity, sexual preference, appearance, health status, disability, learning style, or other aspect of human diversity.

Safety:  In order to ensure a safe environment for all attendees, the Author requests a weapon-free setting for all of her appearances.  If any firearms (open or concealed) are allowed by law or by special exemption to be present at the event, the Sponsor shall inform the Author prior to the signing of an appearance agreement.