This page provides my email address, plus some notes about contacting me.  This page also has information about my mailing address, about free bookmarks, and about my newsletter.


Though I endeavor to be prompt in my email response time, often I am not.  If your message is time-sensitive, please mark it as Urgent somewhere in the subject line.

I receive quite a few book donation requests for fundraisers and silent auctions. I’m not able to respond to all of these requests, but I do donate a limited number of books each year to schools and nonprofit organizations.  Please be aware that if your organization’s fundraiser includes any weaponry raffles, or if firearms are included in your auction items, I am unable to consider donating to your group.  If you email me about a book donation, please inform me in your email about whether or not your organization accepts firearms or weapons as auction/raffle items.

If you’re contacting me about scheduling a visit or an event, see my handout on events.  Note that my contract for events includes the following two sections:

NONDISCRIMINATION:   The Author affirms her commitment to positive learning environments that celebrate differences, support inclusion, and prevent bullying.  The Author will not conduct herself in a manner that marginalizes or intimidates any attendee or potential attendee based on racial or cultural identity, religious belief system, political viewpoint, immigration status, ancestry, gender identity, sexual preference, appearance, health status, disability, learning style, or other aspect of human diversity.

SAFETY:  In order to ensure a safe environment for all attendees, the Author requests a weapon-free setting for all of her appearances.  If any firearms (open or concealed) are allowed by law or by special exemption to be present at the event, the Sponsor shall inform the Author prior to the signing of this agreement.

My email address is email.


To subscribe to my occasional email newsletter (sent periodically, and never more than monthly), sign up here:

Free Bookmarks

Would you like bookmarks for your classroom, library, Little Free Library, bookstore, or home?

Email me and I’d be glad to send you some!  I typically have several styles to choose from (some examples are shown below).  If you want/need a specific style, let me know.  I’m sometimes out of some of the styles.

The front of the bookmarks are as shown in the photo.  On the back of each is a list of my books.

Turnaround time for mailing out free bookmarks can sometimes be up to a month, so if you’re in a hurry, please be sure to let me know.  Thanks!



To send small, letter-size mail, my mailing address is:

P.O. Box 80372
Lansing, MI 48908

My P.O. box is very small, so for anything bigger than a business-size envelope, please contact me by email for an alternate mailing address.  Thanks!